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The Ural Club of
New Trends in Education

Hello! We are The Ural Club of New Trends in Education

Our specialization is working with talented teenagers.
At the beginning of our work, we conducted psychological trainings and helped students to choose the university.
But overtime, we found that not only schoolchildren need help.
We see that now there is no dialogue between schools, universities and companies.

So now our goal is to cultivate an ecosystem that will bring together schools, universities, technology enthusiasts, big companies, state corporations and to create projects that are connecting education, science and tech business. 

What we do

  • Summer project camp TechnoLider

  • Annual festival of modern technology Gorod TechnoTvorchestva

  • Workshops on untroduction in new technologies: Hackathons of the NTI Contest

  • IT-accelerator for teenagers UnIT-Ural

  • Hackathon to create social IT-solutions SocialHack

Meet the heroes

Irina Zakirova

Club executive director.

Idea generator and main project coordinator.

Psychologist, specializes in working with talented teenagers.

Rezeda Rybalko

Leader of Summer project school TechnoLider and Annual festival of modern technology Gorod TechnoTvorchestva.

Social pedagogue, the expert on the construction of educational communities.

Maxim Dizer

Coordinator of NTI Contest in the Sverdlovsk Region. 


One of the best tutors of The Club (Kruzhok) movement in Russia. Specialist in working with teenagers in the direction of intellectual energy.

Studying at the Ural Federal University at the Faculty of Higher Engineering School. 

Anna Penkina

Organizer of the hackathon SocialHack. Socialhack is a hackathon of services for non-profit organizations and urban communities.


Mentor of project activities at project schools. She helped teenagers create a service for unusual excursions. Service received a grant from Rybakov Fund.

Last year, teenagers launched crowdfunding to create a network of bicycle paths in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Crowd funding closed. But the project to create bicycle paths received support from the government and the board of a large holding.

Also Anna works as a systems analyst at

Eugenia Panasova

Head of IT-accelerator for teenagers UnIT-Ural.  Accelerator helps teenagers create their own services for solving school problems. Accelerator is three years old. The winners made the services: creating a timetable for school lessons, a bot to display the timetable, a voice assistant.

Manages the direction of work with schoolchildren NPO Avtomatika (Roskosmos). 

Founder of start-up Octodon. 

Vladimir Rybalko

Head of Cuboro Club. The cuboro marble track system from Switzerland.

Programmer, an expert in geographic information systems. Teacher in Roskvantorium, federal network of children's technopark

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The Ural Club of New Trends in Education

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